Transport of freight

Representation of freight forwarding services to companies engaged in the chemical complex structural units "Uzkimyosanoat" - LLC "Kimyotrans" and LLC "Kimyotrans-Logistics."

LLC "Kimyotrans Logistics" successfully solves the problem of providing the chemical industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan movable rail and organization of interstate transport and forwarding services.

Extensive experience and long-standing and reliable communication with partners in other countries allow LLC "Kimyotrans" organize all kinds of export-import and transit of rail freight, reduce the share of transport costs in the price of products of the chemical industry of Uzbekistan through a flexible system of discounts, track the movement of goods and if necessary, assist in the smooth progress of the whole route.

LLC "Kimyotrans" provides reliable delivery of cargo by railways of the CIS and the Baltic States, through the border crossings of China, Afghanistan and Europe.

LLC «Kimyotrans»

LLC «Kimyotrans-Logistics»