Internal documents

The following internal regulatory documents were adopted by Orders of JSC “Uzkimesanoat” dated September 18, 2020 No. 78, October 9, 2020 No. 87 and 88, and November 19, 2020 No. 103.

  1. "Regulations on the compliance service of JSC "Uzkimesanoat»,
  2. "Anti-corruption Policy of the Company»,
  3. "Code of Business Ethics»,
  4. "Methodology for identification and assessment of corruption risks of the Company»,
  5. "Methodology for monitoring and controlling compliance with anti-corruption measures of JSC" Uzkimesanoat»,
  6. "Policy on Managing the Conflict of Interests of the Company»,
  7. "Policy of approval, signing and execution of contracts concluded by the Company»,
  8. "Policy on giving and receiving gifts, organizing and participating in business events, carrying out representative expenses",
  9. "Policy on charitable and sponsorship activities of JSC "Uzkimesanoat",
  10. "Policy on conducting internal investigations of JSC" Uzkimesanoat»,
  11. "Policy of approval, signing and execution of contracts concluded by JSC "Uzkimesanoat".
  12. "Regulations on the reception and processing of messages received through the communication channels of JSC" Uzkimesanoat»,
  13. "Instructions for checking counterparties of JSC" Uzkimesanoat»,
  14. "Regulations for the formation and submission of reports on the functioning and development of the anti-corruption system of JSC" Uzkimesanoat»,