Tashkent Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Technology

Marketing Information
Shortly about enterprise
Post address 111116, township Shura-bazar, district of Zangiata, Tashkent region, Republic of Uzbekistan.
Head of the enterprise Jalilov Abdulakhad Turabovich
Phone, fax (+99871) 1992243
(+99871) 9657716
E-mail address (E-mail) gup_tniixt@mail.ru
Segment Experimental industrial production
Legal status State unitary enterprise
Count of employees 42
Main types of products and services of the enterprise (organization) Development of technology of hydrogels, polyurethanes, synthetic rubber, high adhesives, detergents, polymers and modified natural polymers - cellulose, starch, organic dyes, ingredients, additives and other materials
Main raw material required for production The chemical compounds, polymers


TSRICT was established on the basis of one of the departments of the Institute of Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. In January, 1992 was transformed into an independent research institute, with legal personality, and he was given the new name of the Tashkent Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Technology.

During the period of its existence, it has become a scientific institution staff with highly developed intellectual capacity, physical facilities, fleet of scientific instruments and equipment, capable of solving large-scale scientific and industrial problems are important in the development of chemical technology.

The main attention is paid to the development of organic and polymeric compounds and their products, mainly based on local raw materials.

However, research is being conducted to develop such advanced polymer materials that exceed the known analogues. These areas include the creation of nano-composite polymer materials, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, hydrogels oleogel and other materials.

Particular attention is paid to the organization of production of new effective stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, flame retardants , photostabilizers and other materials that form the basis of "small chemistry."

Research on the production of polycarbonates , synthetic rubbers, polyurethanes and other polymeric materials as well as to develop plasticizers, dyes and other additives to polymers.

In the short term, the institute aims to resolve application problems on critical and priority areas of chemical science and technology.