OJSC «Ferghanaazot»

Shortly about enterprise
Post address 150106 Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana region, Fergana, Sanoat str. 222
Head of the enterprise Mannonov Dilshod Erkinovich
(+998 373) 2222002
(+998 373) 2226570
Website www.azot.uz
E-mail info@azot.uz
Segment Chemical industry
Legal status Open Joint Stock Company
Count of employees 7 598
Marketing Information
The main types of products and services of the enterprise (organization) Ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonia, sodium chlorate, magnesium chlorate defoliant, diacetate cellulose acetate fiber, urea-ammoniac mix, Bicarbonate sodium, nitrate sodium, Defoliant UzDEF, PoliDEF and other
The basic raw materials required for production Natural gas, hydrochloric acid, salt technical, magnesium chloride, caustic soda, monoethanolamine, sulfuric acid and cotton cellulose, etc.
The main local consumers Agriculture, the chemical industry and other industries
The main importers of products Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, China

Updated at: 26.06.2024