JC «Uzkimyosanoatloyikha»

Shortly about enterprise
Post address 702100, 4, Tashkent st., Chirchik city, Tashkent region, Republic of Uzbekistan
Head of the enterprise
Tashmetov Farrukh Farkhadovich
Phone, fax +998 70 715-27-67
Website www.himproekt.uz
E-mail address office@himproekt.uz
Segment Industrial engineering
Legal status Joint Stock Company
Count of employees 140
Marketing Information
Main types of products and services of the enterprise (organization) Performance of processing, development of industrial, engineering and design work on the creation and implementation in production of chemical industry efficient, cost-effective and energy-efficient machines and peripheral equipment. The Institute is licensed for all types of works and engineering services required for the chemical industry.
The main local consumers Chemical enterprises


JSC "Uzkimesanoatloyiha " was created February 6, 1959 as a branch of the Moscow State Institute of Nitrogen Industry (Chirchik branch of GIAP ) .

Institute in 2002, was transformed into an joint-stock company "Uzkimesanoatloyiha ."

JSC "Uzkimesanoatloyiha " is the general designer of the chemical industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and has a license:

  • the development of design and construction documents for the construction of civil and industrial purposes ;
  • on the design of technological pipelines chemical industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the burglar alarm, fire alarm, fire and hazardous areas for the chemical industry.

The institute has more than 200 highly qualified engineers and technicians who can design a complex chemical manufacturing modern level.

There is extensive experience of design particularly difficult productions pozharovzryvoopasnyh having corrosive environment, high temperatures and pressures, and highly toxic substances (ammonia , methanol, chloro , etc.).

JSC "Uzkimesanoatloyiha " participated in the design of large chemical companies, such as:

  • JSC "Maxam-Chirchik» in Chirchik
  • JSC "Navoiazot»
  • JSC "Ferganaazot»
  • Ferghana Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Ferghana Chemical Factory of Furan Compounds
  • JSC "Ammophos» in Almalyk
  • JSC "Samarkandkimyo»
  • "Carbonam» in Namangan
  • "Andijon Biokimyo Creek»
  • "Kukonspirt» in Kokand
  • "Biokimyo»
  • Kungrad Soda Factory and other.

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