OJSC «Ammofos-Maxam»

Shortly about enterprise
Post address 110100. Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent region, Almalik
Head of the enterprise
Tursunov Akobir Tashpulatovich
(+998 370 61) 34960, 35443
(+998 370 61) 22238
Website www.ammofos-maxam.uz
E-mail info@ammofos-maxam.uz
Segment Chemical industry
Legal status Open Joint Stock Company
Count of employees 2 945
Marketing Information
The main types of products and services of the enterprise (organization) Ammofos, ammonium sulfate, phosphate, suprefos, ammonium sulphate, fiberboard, electrolyte, sulfuric acid, fodder phosphate of ammonium (for use only in cattle breeding, poultry farming and fish culture), threesodiumphosphate and other
The basic raw materials required for production Fosmuka, sulfur, ammonia
The main local consumers Agriculture, the chemical industry and other industries
The main importers of products Tajikistan, Afghanistan, China