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Uzbek chemical industry to produce goods for 408.8bn soums in 1Q

// 14 May 2013 year

По итогам первого квартала 2013 года предприятиями ГАК «Узкимесаноат» произведено товарной продукции в действующих ценах на сумму 408,8 млрд. сумов. Об этом сообщает пресс-служба компании. По данным пресс-службы, рост производства товарной продукции составил 4,5%. Предприятия отрасли в отчетном периоде также выпустили товаров народного потребления на сумму 23,9 млрд. сумов. Новых видов продукции произведено на сумму 15,7 млрд. сумов.

Kungrad Soda Plant produces 92,000 tonnes of soda ash in 2012

// 18 April 2013 year

Kungrad Soda Plant, only soda ash producer in Central Asian region, produced over 92,000 tonnes of soda ash in January-December 2012, Director of Kungrad Soda Plant Rashid Yakubov. In interview to UzA agency, he said that in 2006 the company produced 12,810 tonnes of soda ash, and in 2011 the figure increased sevenfold. In 2012 the plant manufactured more than 92,000 tonnes of import-substituting high quality soda ash. He said that products of the company comply with international requirements, and are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, highly appreciated by foreign customers. In particular, in 2008 “Leaders of the twenty-first century” program awarded us with the International “Golden Jaguar” prize.

Significant results of modernization

// 03 April 2013 year

The seventh Chemie & Plastex Uzbekistan – 2013 international exhibition of chemical and plastics industries started at the UzExpoCentre in Tashkent. It is organized by the Ministry of foreign economic relations, investments and trade, Ministry of agriculture and water resources of Uzbekistan, Uzkimyosanoat state joint-stock company, the Chamber of commerce and industry and Tashkent city administration, in cooperation with ITE Uzbekistan international exhibition company. Over twenty companies from Uzbekistan, Austria, Belgium, China, Germany and Ukraine are participating in the exhibition with their product and service offerings.