Procedure for distributing the net profit based on the results of activities for 2017

To pay dividends to shareholders with the target direction of the accrued amount for financing investment projects in the form of a contribution of “Uzkimyosanoat” JSC to the statutory funds of organizations with capitalization in due course 83% 1 227 646 443 sums*
To direct to the replenishment of the reserve fund 5% 73 954 605 sums
To the fund for modernization and new technologies 1% 14 790 921 sums
In the fund on labor protection 1% 14 790 921 sums
To the fund for supporting innovativeness 10% 147 909 210 sums

* The amount of funds allocated for dividends at 100% of the state share in the statutory fund of JSC "Uzkimyosanoat" is subject to capitalization in accordance with the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 04.09.2017.